QuickBooks Software POS Support

QuickBooks Point of Sale is a retail solution which is used by most of the small and medium merchandizing organizations. It is considered to be a boon for retail sectors and now it is even used in hospitality sector. It is designed on a user-friendly interface which can be accessed by a person who does not have financial or accounting background. The POS system helps you in tracking your inventory, creating list, helping with invoices, etc. Intuit provides both the POS hardware along with the software. This POS software is available in two categories: simple and advanced. You can purchase them according to your business requirements.

Features in QuickBooks Point of Sale:

  • Now you can easily view your reports and files online as they provide cloud support.
  • You can even work on it, even when your internet’s speed is down. It has an option known as “Always On Mode”. This option is quite helpful during the power outage for carrying out card payments.
  • It is integrated with QuickBooks software which also provides smooth sales transaction details.

Types of QuickBooks software pos used in specific business:

  • QuickBooks POS in Restaurants: it will be used in tracking orders, managing inventory, matrix inventory, helping with e-commerce, etc.
  • QuickBooks POS in theatres: It helps in integrating gift cards or coupons, tracking the tickets bought movie theatre kiosks, etc.
  • QuickBooks POS used in Liquor store: In liquor store, it helps in till management, reading the barcode, cloud reporting management, etc.
  • QuickBooks in Pizza shop: It helps with inventory management. It integrated well with caller ID, scheduling the employee for delivery and tracking them, calculation of mileage expense for the delivery boys, etc.
  • QuickBooks in Grocery Store: It helps with transaction process, CRV’s attachments to SKUs, price checker, dynamic business intelligence.
  • QuickBooks Drive-Thru POS: You can now easily communicate with your employees or customers via video chat option along with continue with the payment process even when your internet’s speed is slow.
  • QuickBooks POS used in Winery: It helps in CRM i.e. Customer Relationship Management, loyalty programs for customers, preparation of real-time reports and ingredient inventory management.
  • QuickBooks POS for Food Truck: It helps in managing the central menu control, SMI, adjustment of the tax on the go, providing assistance for the orders which are place via mobiles, digital displays, inventory management, etc.
  • QuickBooks POS for Salons: It helps in scheduling appointments, auto-reminders for schedules, time blocking, etc.
  • QuickBooks Coffee Shop POS: It helps in inventory management, mobile or online orders, using latest scanners and printers, etc.
  • QuickBooks Frozen Yogurt POSFrozen Yogurt POS system offered by an award winning QuickBooks. Weigh yogurt in ounces accurately and efficiently with QuickBooks Point of Sale and Ability Integrated Scale.

QuickBooks Software POS makes your work easier, but what happens when you come across some errors that hampers your work. You look for solution, and ways to resolve it. In such situation, you can always contact “QuickBooks Point of sale Support”. They are QB consultant who rovides support to the millions of users worldwide. They have an exceptional team of QuickBooks professional who are certified from intuit and have experience in resolving QB issues. If you want to contact them, then you should call on their 24*7 Toll-Free customer support number 1800-935-0532. You can also opt for an alternate method i.e. you can click that link www.quickbookspos.support and request for Online Chat Support.

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